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Unlv Social Work Learning Contract

If you`re interested in pursuing a career in social work, you may be considering the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) as your academic home. UNLV is a renowned institution that offers a range of degree programs, including a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program. As a student in this program, you will be required to complete a learning contract that will provide you with valuable hands-on experience in the field of social work.

What is a Learning Contract?

A learning contract is an agreement between the student and the field agency (or agencies) where they will be completing their social work practicum. This contract outlines the specific learning objectives that the student hopes to achieve during their practicum, as well as the tasks that they will undertake to accomplish these objectives. The learning contract also sets out the responsibilities of the student and the agency, as well as the timeline for completing the practicum.

Why is a Learning Contract Important?

A learning contract is an essential part of the social work curriculum because it allows students to gain valuable experience in the field, while also ensuring that they are meeting their educational goals. It provides a structured framework for learning, and allows students to explore their interests, strengths, and areas for growth. Additionally, the learning contract helps to build a strong collaboration between the student, the faculty, and the field agency, creating a supportive environment for learning.

How to Create a Learning Contract for the UNLV BSW Program

Creating a learning contract for the UNLV BSW Program requires careful planning and collaboration. To get started, you`ll need to identify the field agency where you will be completing your practicum. Once you`ve identified the agency, you`ll need to schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor to discuss your learning objectives and the tasks that you will undertake to achieve them. During this meeting, you will also discuss any specific requirements or expectations that the agency has for students in the program.

Once you and your faculty advisor have established your learning objectives and tasks, you will work together to create a formal learning contract. This contract will outline your learning objectives, the tasks that you will undertake, the timeline for completing your practicum, and any other requirements or expectations set forth by the agency. The contract will then be reviewed and signed by you, your faculty advisor, and the agency supervisor.

In conclusion, the UNLV BSW program requires students to complete a learning contract as part of their practicum experience. This contract provides a structured framework for learning, ensuring that students are meeting their educational goals, and gaining valuable experience in the field of social work. By working closely with your faculty advisor and the field agency, you can create a learning contract that will help you achieve your goals and develop your skills as a social worker.