3 years ago

Look Inside the Firefly 2 Vaporizer

indie the firefly 2

Ever Wonder Whats Inside the Firefly 2 Vape?

It all started about 6 months ago when I simply wanted to clean the metal screen on my Firefly 2 vape, simple enough right? Wrong!

I always take things to a stupid level, ever since I was a kid I loved to take shit apart and today I am no different. But what led me to this is noticing my wholes, well half of them were clogged up stopping the air flow, hence reducing the vapor and overall performance terribly, so i decided in all my wisdom, it was time to take apart the Firefly 2, I just had no idea how to do it, and I sure didn’t ant to break it!

In doing so I learned what the actual problem was with the vape and why it kept getting so clogged all the time. The actual problem was I cleaned the vape with alcohol right after a session thinking it was the smartest thing to do because when resin is warm its liquid and very easy to clean. Worth mentioning a dry herb vaporizer has a lot of resin buildup and as long as you ive it a good clean after each session you will be fine.

Here’s what I didn’t consider when cleaning the Firefly 2 vaporizer while warm

That the reason I was cleaning is the reason it was getting clogged up. So, because I was cleaning it right after a session the resin is very warm, and when I hit it with alcohol it simply all got cleaned spotless and perfectly.

BUT, a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of resin since it was so liquefied and soluble from the heat and alcohol combo made it drip and fill a few holes and as soon as it cooled down the tiny amount of resin left over dried and filled the wholes!

And it’s a real nightmare to clean. So, don’t do it!

I know everyone wants to see what’s inside the Firefly 2 vape so I shot this video of the process half way through taking it apart and all the way back.

So, you get to see the entire process, the inside of the firefly 2 and exactly how it works and all the components.

I hope you love the video, I loved making it and please share this with others, I know for sure they are going to want to see this!


Simon is a vaping connoisseur and has spent the last few years quitting msoking cigarettes and substituing them from vaping. And over that time I have vaped them all. And here is where Im gonna share how they were for me!