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Firefly 2 Vape Review

firefly 2 review

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Here it is – This is my official review of the firefly 2

I have to say it was one of my favorite vapes and I have had so much fun with this vaporizer! Its also one of the most popular videos I have made to date an I really wanted to start this blog off with what was probably the best convection vaporizer ont he market.

I say was since there is a new bad boy convection vape on the market – im not mentioning any names yet – but i will say its a little big and from what I have heard the flavors are insane and BETTER than the FF2!! This i can not believe and can not wait until I get mine to try – oh and the performance is the BEST so far.

But first more on the Firefly 2 and my quick upate review

I love it – still do, and I can still highly recommend it confidently, its small, portable, fits in your hands and is totally discreet. But even with all of that its not really an “on-the-go” vape for one main reason, and the most important one of them all – the stirring – the constant stirring – you cant have a really good session without stirring it every other if not EVERY hit for the absolute best results.

Thats my only complaint – I have messed with it so much that I have actually killed it and will be doing a video on exactly how to open it and NOT kill yours if you decide to try opening you own to do a thouruough cleaning – its very simple to do and an easy fix and VERY easy to avoid breaking IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!

So youll want to watch that video even if you dont ever want to open your FF2, just cool to know exactly whats in there and why you really dont actually need to open it!

A Review and a How To of the Firefly 2

A s a final not – this video really serves to purposes, I review it and I also show you how to get the best rips from this bad boy! if you already have a Firefly 2 and really are just interested in finding out how to get the craziest clouds with your FF2 please skip to 9 minutes and 42 seconds to get straigh to the rips! Click here to go straigh to that point.

I hope you enjoy my video review of the firefly to convection vaporizer and please comment below and let me know if you all want to see me open up the Firefly 2!



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