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Can You Smoke Weed in a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

dry herb vaporizer

That’s the short answer and I wanted to just make a short post to get a small conversation going about dry herb vaporizers and possibly even (by the end of the post that will be constantly updated) find what the best dry herb pen vaporizer or in general the best dry herb vaporizer.

So, I want to start with my journey into vaping and maybe you can short cut a few hundred bucks and a learning curve in the process and learn a little from my trials and tribulations.

So, I did first start off with a pen vaporizer it was the Atmos Boss! I loved it and thought it was the best damn invention since sliced cheese – I think it only went to a very low 385f and had a nice and amazing taste to it – and I loved it…. While it lasted.

I must admit that I am a heavy-duty smoker (well ex-smoker now) so I am a seriously heavy duty ‘vaper’ the tastes and flavors, effects and not to mention the amount of bud I save it is the best thing to happen to the smoking industry since we learned that smoking kills!

Vaping is using a Dry Herb Vaporizer for Marijuana

Just to clear that up and to make sure were all on the same page, when I say vape or vaping I’m also talking about using a dry herb vaporizer to consume all sorts of different flavorful herbs including weed! Just imagine having to say that each time – “I’m going to use my dry herb vaporizer” that’s way too much wording… I just want to say, “I’m going for a vape” – done easy.

Now vaping or vape is also used when referring to non-weed and e liquid or e juice with nicotine – this is not about that although I will cover that subject on this blog, were not talking about that type of vaping over here.

So, with that said, my first vape was the Atmos Boss, it really made me fall in love with vaping, then I was sold on the whole vape pen type of vaping since I wanted something to resemble smoking as much as possible – were creatures of habit and I found having something to put in my hand and vape like a cigarette would help me get off smoking (and it sure as hell did!!). I then moved onto to Laguna from vape dynamics.

That’s when I realized this whole weed vaporizer industry was extremely incestuous and seriously lacking in innovation

I found out instantly that the Laguna was an Imag and the Laguna I got was the old model… anyway I had a few more of those incidents with a bunch of other brands I don’t want to publicly shame since that are all decent vapes so whoever wants to go to the whole trouble of looking for the good ones and then rebranding them and then remarketing them – I say good luck to you!

I then messed around a little with butane vapes (https://thevape.guide/best-dry-herb-vaporizer/) like the iolite and the vapor genie but found that what was available to me at the time was pretty crap – the iolites are very hit and miss and break very quick or will last very long! That what I have seen and experienced, yes, they will change your unit, but they are not the easiest to reach and deal with.

Finally, I graduated to a real vape after spending about $1,000 on shitty vapes, but I honestly found that spending them money and focusing on all these new toys really helped me stop smoking as well. Playing all these new gadgets, waiting for the vape mail and the new part and the vapes really occupied my mind and helped me out BIG TIME with the transition. But if you don’t really care and don’t care about the money just go for what looks cool and when it sucks (prepare for that cos most of them suck) then just get another one until you find the best ne for you.

Here is a list of portable handhelds vapes I got and used in order of when I got them.

  1. Atmos Boss
  2. Laguna From Vape Dynamics
  3. Whisper 2 from Iolite
  4. Cloud V
  5. Magic flight
  6. Mighty – Storz n Bickel
  7. Firefly 2
  8. Davinci IQ
  9. DynaVap

I’m sure I missed a few out but those are my main ones I order I got them

I still use the Magic Flight EVERY Day – and love the Dynavap as my go to and don’t need to even think about another vape!

I may as well end here as if I don’t need another vape then who cares about any other review – but no Here is a video I did a while ago on how important it is to keep variety going when vaping … and here is what I think.

To keep Your Vaping Fresh and Always Get Great Results You Need Variety

You need a convection vape, and a conduction vape, you also need a half conduction half convection vape to always keep things fresh and the way that your intaking your herbs will always be varied and like that even if you have one strain of the same weed for 3 months with a variation of different intake methods you always get the best hit and results. I would even go so far as to combust every now and again – I use it like a weed reset.

Reset from vaping every now and again, with a bit of combustion.

I like to hit the Dynavap for a little bit longer and make sure that it’s going to get to the last point before it turns to ashes and that is an art in itself – I Love being able to take it to that level where it is BLACKER than black I mean its BLACK it just hasn’t turned into charcoal – that is like %99 to combustion but not quite there and so far, they are only 2 vapes I have been able to do that with –

Can You Guess Out of The List of 9 Vapes above which 2 get to that blacker than black pre-ashes stage of vaping/combustion perfection?

Take the short survey above to see if you got it right and we will enter you onto an awesome mailing list that will offer you the best deals on the best vapes when we get them…


Simon is a vaping connoisseur and has spent the last few years quitting msoking cigarettes and substituing them from vaping. And over that time I have vaped them all. And here is where Im gonna share how they were for me!