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Best Way To Use Weed Vape Reclaim To Make Edibles

vaping reclaim

First: BEWARE. This Vaporizer Reclaim will blow you away and I am not joking.

This is so potent that you can get a greeny easy if your new or even if you are an edibles connoisseur.

Think about it for a second, this is NOT AVB (already vaped bud) this is the gooey goodness left behind at low vaping temperatures with extremely HIGH potency. This is NOT dirty resin from a pipe or anything combusted.

Just to be Clear – This is Pure Reclaim Vaping Goodness

Its tasty doesn’t taste rank and will get you flying real high and to high if you’re not careful.

So, before you watch the videos let me explain what’s going on here for those of you that have never vaped weed before.

Cliff Notes!

For those of you that want to just jump straigh in this is the simple 2 second way to get this done.

Get milk – Bring to boil, stick your dynavap in or glass mouthpiece, stir that until you see the black oily goey reclaim goodness oozing to the surafce likein the video and keep going untill there is no more fresh goo… then simply chill and drink.

But the problem with milk is it tends to get very thick if left in the fridge over night so if you plan on using milk have it right away or there is no chance youll enjoy it the next day after it becomes gooey grossnes!! (I used almond milk once to have it the next day and it worked a charm, didnt curdle at all or turn thick and was the best option so far for next day drinking out of milk soy milk, almonds milk or cashew milk.

When vaping weed using a dry herb vaporizer you are heating the material at a very low heat compared to combustion, and when gently heating weed it will first release the high potency THC as that starts to evaporate at lower temps and when you have a very controlled vape you can be very controlled about the type of reclaim you have – but let’s not get carried away.

What is Reclaim and why exactly do you want to use it?

Well firstly to get all the best benefits of this good herb you need to not just smoke or vape it you must consume it. So, when you vape as with smoking it leaves a resin like material behind, buts it’s not the icky resin left behind from combustion this is the yummy goodness gently heated and lifted off the plant and on the way to your lungs for a tasty vape hit it left a little bit on the way in the mouthpiece of whatever vape your using.

I must admit I first saw a thread on Reddit about this and I was like WTF!!!!! And never really messed with AVB so much since then, now and again I will prepare some potent AVB but other than that it’s all reclaim edibles for me!

I have two videos here – one is the Dynavap Omnivap reclaim after a week’s use and the other is the MFLB after about 2 weeks of heavy use.

Wait till you see how awesome the wooden MFLB Reclaim one is!!!

I would love to hear and see any other MFLB vape reclaims like this or better!!

And if you have a Dynavap and your not Reclaiming!!! Well SHAME on YOU!!

One final not to consider of course is the potency of the cannabis being used. SO, if you use very potent and high THC weed then you better be ready for some serious flying, and obviously if you have weak shit then it will just be, well, meh! But seriously you will know exactly what to expect since you have already vaped all the weed and should be able to gauge form that how strong the edibles will be.

Now let’s not forget that even weak weed when turned into edibles, or decarbed and then eaten becomes more potent and the major difference is that with edibles if you ate too much, then you’re in for a serious ride and there is nothing in earth you will be able to do to get down.

Dont Panic

Don’t panic no one has ever overdosed, just pulled a whitey! (or a greeny as I like to call them) Just be sure to pace yourself and try a bit at a time to gauge how potent it is as well as how you will react to it.

I have found this to hit you a lot faster than AVB, this is on par with the type of edibles you would buy in a pharmacy in Colorado or California – but obviously if your using good grade weed and not shwag.

Remember, does a bit at a time at first, especially if it’s your first time and if it’s not just take it easy make sure you don’t overdo it the first – this is nothing like AVB. It’s reclaim, pure THC right as it was vaped and heated gently to turn to vapor – I hope you enjoy your vape reclaim!


Simon is a vaping connoisseur and has spent the last few years quitting msoking cigarettes and substituing them from vaping. And over that time I have vaped them all. And here is where Im gonna share how they were for me!